committed to unfiltered craft beer. committed to unfiltered craft beer. Blending tradition and creativity with modern twists Blending tradition and creativity with modern twists 200+ single malt scotch whisky to sample. 200+ single malt scotch whisky to sample.


We specialise in small-batch craft beer using a 2.5BBL kit. This allows us to rotate our brews frequently ensuring you drink the freshest beer possible.



We don't hide our ingredients, visit the brewery and speak to the team about the various grains and hops we use in every beer. We also cask condition all our of beers.


Brewery Bar

The Brewery Bar is open Thursday to Saturday, please see opening hours.


Free Local Delivery

We offer FREE local delivery within 8 miles of our brewery.

Craft Beers

Golden Ale

Our first and favourite ale, this golden ale is a great session ale with plenty of Vics Secret hops added to the brew to give a light citrus flavour.

Nevada Pale Ale

A modern classic that rejuvenated the craft beer market both in America and the UK. Cascade and Northern Brewer hops with added West Coast Ale Yeast.

Oatmeal Stout

Smooth with a luxury dark colour. Bramling Cross hops give a high flavour intensity of roasted malt and coffee-like aromas.

Horwich Steam Beer

Back to the gold rush era with this classic American West Coast Classic. The king of the German hops Hallertauer Mittelfrueh with a lager yeast creates a light fruity favoured beer.

West Coast IPA

It's a pale, bright appearance with a well balanced of bitterness and caramel flavours. Centennial hops used in our West Coast IPA which is a more bitter citrus flavour than Cascade.

East Coast IPA

East Coast IPA with a trio of hops including Chinook, Columbus and Cascade to give a complex spicy citrus flavour and aromas.

Double Dark Mild

Bramling Cross hops and 5 different malts including chocolate give this Double Dark Mild a full-body with a sweet fruity taste of plum and raisin.

Belgian Blonde

Belgian Blonde is a fruity and slightly spicy easy-drinking ale that packs a punch. Hallertauer Mittelfrueh hops are considered the king of the German hops and provides one of the world's finest hop aromas.

Dark Mild

A traditional English beer brewed using chocolate malts that give a rich taste. Columbus hops give a punchy hoppiness and Fuggles hops add the earthy and woody characteristics.

English Special Bitter

A classic English Bitter with a lovely malt taste using East Kent Goldings hops to give a smooth and honey-like ale.

English Porter

Centennial and Willamette hops provide the bitterness blended with a smooth roasted beer with a subtle chocolate afternotes.

English Pale Ale

Classic English Pale Ale using the ultimate English hop, East Kent Goldings with added and Celeia Hops to give citrus and hoppy arom

Imperial Brown Ale

This is a malty, big hoppy beer with an abundance of Cascade hops.

Wayoh brewery bar has one of the finest Single Malt Scotch Whisky collections in the North of England consisting of over 200 bottles.

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