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About Us

As all good ideas usually start, Steve Hyland was having a beer with his son in law in his conservatory in the summer of 2016. Steve had recently retired from a successful business enabling him to concentrate on his passion of being a well-respected Whisky expert. Steve wasn’t ready for full-time retirement and after a couple more beers the idea of creating a brewery became a real plan!​

The brewery name was easy an decision as Steve took inspiration from the impressive Wayoh reservoir in Edgworth which his home overlooks. Steve regularly walks around the reservoir and under the Armsgrove Viaduct which is another inspiration seen in our logo.

Steve was asked to organise the Edgworth beer festival in 2018 and this is what really kick-started our brand. From that small beer festival, we moved into our new home in Horwich with a taproom and of course Steve’s other passion a complete collection of Single Malt Scottish Whisky, which is one of the finest collections in the North of England. We hold regular tasting experiences that is a must-do for any Whisky fan! 

The brewery was officially opened by the Mayor of Bolton, Councillor Hilary Fairclough, in September 2019 and we brewed a special batch of golden ale to celebrate the occasion known as Mayors Gold.

Our goals and values remain the same since we started this crazy enjoyable journey which is to make the best craft beer that we can with a modern twist.

Customer Reviews

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